Sunday, March 8, 2009


Here's a comment on an ongoing theme on this blog.

"Hi MW,
I think the container story cock up is yet another example of the lack of any standards in local journalism -- an ongoing theme in many posts on this blog. (So in addition to Sam Feist making the rounds of local media houses, Media Watch should also be made required reading for all local journalists, I think.)

"Given the implications of the container story, it should not have been broadcast until properly sourced. How can you broadcast a story of this seriousness on mere hearsay? This episode does not even warrant lengthy comment because the stupidity of it is so obvious. It really makes you wonder. Can you imagine the impression of local journalism Sam Feist must have left with?

"Re the John John photo, it is quite striking. Pity it wasn't given more prominent play on the site. It would also have been great as part of a photo essay, don't you think?"


We can only imagine what Mr Feist really thinks about T&T journalism. And yes, the Newsday photo should have been the front page image, as well as part of a photo essay. But again, who pays attention to these things?