Saturday, March 7, 2009


The Telecommunications Authority has decided to get in on the act and "...has launched an investigation to determine the extent of the “false and misleading” information carried by the broadcast media on the alleged discovery of children in a container at a port in Trinidad.
It is also considering “the possibility that the reporting may have involved public mischief on the part of the broadcasting stations involved”."
See the full story in the Newsday, the Guardian (whose sister station CNC 3 was one of those which carried the initial false report), and the Express.
The Express also carried an editorial on the issue on Thursday.

And, CNN's Political Director and Vice President added his two cents to the ensuing drama while addressing Communication Studies students at the UWI on Thursday.
Here's what was said by Sam Feist: "...all that was being broadcast was second-hand and third-hand reports and hearsay."; "Wait until you go to a source of information before you believe a rumour."; "...CNN requires two separate and direct sources of information for every story they report. “Democracy is entirely dependent on the citizenry accessing trusted information.”"; "Don’t report information that you don’t know to be true."; "It is important to have standards, ask tough questions and have reliable sources."

Clearly Mr Feist needs to make the rounds at various media houses in this country.