Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well, well, well, TV6 and CNC3 are showcasing their newest anchors on their midday news. Fabian Pierre for 6 is not bad but he reads his lines a little too slowly at the end, like he's not sure what he really wants to say. Also Fabian, lighten up on the make up. You know the old saying, a little goes a long way. Oh and one more thing, we're almost sure TV6 is making some money these days, so ask them to tailor that black jacket to fit you properly. It looks like one of the jackets Desmond Brown left behind when he went to CMC in Barbados.

Sateesh Mahabir for 3 is not bad either, but where is the facial expression? Oh but actually we did see some expression when something went wrong somewhere with one of your scripts. You looked really pissed off and shook your head. Why do we need to see that? Keep it professional on camera and cuss the script writer during the commercial break or after the news.

Well Sateesh at least you realised there was a mistake with your script. On the TV6 7pm news, Sammy Jo (oops, Samantha John) got confused somewhere in a sport story and said (this is verbatim) "the black cats had went behind". No apology, no correction and on to the next story. We'll leave that there.

We can't leave out Shelly Dass on CNC's evening news. Shelly, the television monitor to your right and our left is not there so you can stare at yourself for a few extra seconds before you go on to the next story!

Haven't seen Colleen Holder of TV6 and Charlene Ramdhanie of
C News in a while, where are they? And another "anchor" missing in action is Oneka James of I95 FM. A birdie told us she's heading to the Newsday. Is that true Oneka? We will miss your voice.
Shame on you Dale Enoch for letting her get away.