Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hey CNC and TV6....guess someone switched off the spell check on your computers ahead of the midday news on Wednesday.
CNC - Balleram Maharaj, Past Preident of the Supermarkets Assoc.
TV6 - Trinicity
Come on guys...impressionable young minds are at home watching.

But what about the scripting as well? Sampson Nanton's piece on the police presence in Morvant and Mt. D'Or Road contained the phrase that the man was "chopped to pieces and burned to death".
Well we hope he died after being chopped up so he wouldn't have felt the flames when he was being burned.

And in TV6's headlines, Fabian Pierre said prison "conditions is substandard", while CNC's Sateesh Mahabir said "reoccurrence". Well not to be outdone, WIN TV's anchor Bobbi was interviewing attorney Prakash Ramadhar and asked him if someone's office "has no weight on the situation". Should that be influence?? Maybe that question wasn't in the teleprompter.

Oh by the way Bobbi, can you ask your set/graphic designer to tone down the whirling graphic in the monitor behind your head? Talk about psychedelic! We are never sure if we should be looking at that or listening to what you're saying. Then again maybe that's the point....hypnotize us so we don't change the channel! If that's it... then kudos!

Oh and while you're at it....give Johnathan Chase some lessons on posture. He looks a bit sloppy hunched over in the chair next to your very erect form...and those brightly coloured shirts are not flattering on him.