Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hey Sampson Nanton's back from the media wilderness...he voiced up a couple of reports for CNC 3's midday news Wednesday (although we hear he's been quietly working behind the scenes producing the station's morning show).
Well Sampson welcome back....although we would have thought you would have used the quiet (no pun intended) time to brush up on your voice work! You still read too's not conversational and very distracting.

Speaking of distracting....Johnathan Chase (WIN TV sports anchor) has a goatee that would look better on a rock star. We stare at that instead of paying attention to his reports....which aren't bad....except when the prompter breaks down and he has to revert to reading the scripts. Try not to get flustered...if you wrote the script....shouldn't be a problem to finish reading it on air.