Thursday, August 16, 2007


Kent Fuentes
Samuel McKnight
Sharmilla Persad
Otto Carrington
Marcia Hope
Neil Beekhee
Joanna Bharose
JQ Baptiste
Peter Richards

We bet you can't guess why we lumped them all together.
Oh gosh, train dem voices nah! (Pardon the lapse into the vernacular).

We hear them and we even see some of them, but they all need to be trained how to use their voices properly. Sonia Moze and Barbara Assoon should have some free time to assist. Every day our ears are assaulted by these people who for some reason have not taken the time to fine tune what God gave them.

But the rest of you shouldn't start gloating yet. Alisha Nurse you can slide into the monotone on too many occasions, Sampson Nanton often sounds like he stuffed too many words into his mouth all at once and can't figure out how to get them out again, and Richard Graham (TBC Network) has too much of an American accent (as do many of the dj's on radio) to do justice to the newscasts handed to him. For that matter Richard just needs to READ his scripts before he goes on air. Tumbles over himself too much.

But talking about presentation, can anyone remember that bad nail job on Sasha Mohammed when she did that story on the gold credit card? We'reguessing the cameraman didn't have the heart to tell her she should have used the card to buy a small bottle of nail polish (we don't think the PM would have missed $10).

And still on presentation. People really get around in the media.
A little birdie told us that TV6 presenter Cherise D'Abadie used to work behind the scenes at CNC3 producing The Big Story.
Well the birdie says she was apparently let go after she enraged Miss Dass by trying to set up an interview with Mrs OSHA when the Act was proclaimed.