Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Recently Media Watch got a look at some video from TV6's Latin America today. The story was about a bull run in a South American country and clearly showed several people being gored repeatedly by angry bulls.
Shabaka Kambon, did you stop to think of the effect that video would have on your station's young viewers? Where was the warning before the story that the images may be disturbing, like the BBC or CNN would have included? Perhaps if you had used one shot we would have let it slide, but you repeated the images without saying that we would be literally jolted out of our seats by those bulls. You need to be more responsible.
Also you use too many parentheses. Your sentences are jam packed with too much information, so the viewer gets confused, then lost then switches off mentally and last but not least changes the station. And what about all those foreign names? Are they really that important that you can't just refer to the mayor of a town rather than put in his entire name?
And you take pains to roll your r's when pronouncing those Spanish names, but over-emphasis makes you sound like you're showing off. It's ineffective if not done properly.
Your producer also needs to take a good look at your scripts before you go to air. Your sentence construction is poor and your voicing could do with some work; your stress on certain words makes you sound unprofessional.