Monday, August 20, 2007


The lunchtime reports were probably a rehash of what was said by the analysts on the morning shows ahead of the budget.

But while TV6 began with the Hurricane and moved to the budget, CNC3 began with the protest in Malabar, and CNMG actually began their pre-budget discussions at noon, with Dr Winford James, Dr Hamid Ghany, Subash Ramkhelewan and a young-looking Dr Henry.
But Media Watch believes the desk for the panellists was way too small. Dr James was left sitting out by himself with his arms folded throughout the day, unless host Julian Rogers addressed him.

Two corrections during the news though. Fabian Pierre of TV6 said someone "had gotten into an argument" (gotten is not in the English dictionary), and Sateesh Mahabir of CNC3 spoke of a "preliminary assessment of damages" while reading a story about a fire. Damages should be left for court rulings.

CNC's budget coverage began promptly at 12-30 with sports anchor Roger Sant interviewing economist Dr Dhanayshar Mahabir. Coup. He stuck with them for the entire day.

WIN TV began at 12-30 with panellist Garvin Seemungal of the Greater Chaguanas Chamber. Unfortunately he looked like he was watching a tennis match because the hosts Bobbi Jeffrey (finally wearing a decent jacket and with a proper 'do) and Sunil Ramdeen sat on either side of him.

IETV and Gayelle did not even pretend to be interested; IE went to Voice of America, and Gayelle's fare was not memorable.

But alas TV6 was out of the blocks last. Their coverage began at 12-40. What was the problem? At least the panel wasn't bad. Robert Mayers, Indira Sagewan-Ali, Dr Eric St. Cyr, Diana Mahabir Wyatt.