Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Both CNC 3 and TV6 had interesting early morning shows on Tuesday.
Andy Johnson of TV6 took his Morning Edition crew to Laventille to speak with residents about their concerns.
Community activist Lennox Smith was of course one of the guests.
Interesting comments though from Mr Les Pierre. He said young people choose their own paths, no matter what opportunities are presented to them.
At the end of the show, the director took a wide shot of Andy with his female guest and Lennox Smith, and at their feet were two small cuddly dogs lounging quite comfortably. Very funny.

CNC 3's Early Morning Show went the way of hosting Law Association President-Elect, Martin Daly. Mr Daly should have been voted in a long time ago (that's just our opinion, as is everything else on this blog!). He presented some fresh ideas for the judicial system, including more mediation for minor offenses in order to clear the enormous backlog of cases.
At one point Hema Ramkissoon attempted to get Mr Daly to answer what he later called "a loaded question"...she wanted to know why so many lawyers are now being promoted to the position of Senior Counsel, when Mr Daly was one of the youngest and the few back in 1979.
But he gently steered the conversation back to matters concerning the Law Association, saying he was not there to talk about himself. Very smooth Mr Daly.

At one point, a caller from Maraval said she "wanted Mr Daly to come back on the CNC Morning Edition..." to continue sharing his ideas, much to the chagrin of Hema and Keith Clifford.

And while Hema both produced and hosted the show, she perhaps didn't notice the incorrect spelling of two words which were scrolling on the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen for more than 40 minutes during Mr Daly's interview.
CL Financial "to build a methamol plant in Saudi Arabia." and "...investors await an interst rate decision from the US Central Bank."
So the graphics operator, technical director, production assistant and the master control operator missed that?
Well Hema as Producer you need to ask some questions.