Monday, March 17, 2008


Raymond Edwards of C News/Talk City 91.1 FM has responded to our last post re: Carpet Ride. Here's the edited version.

"Hello D. Martine,
It’s actually a portable, rolling, synthetic surface called “Portafloor” and is used at major sporting arenas around the world to ensure that the surfaces like the field and the running track are not damaged during events of a non sporting nature.
More information on this flooring is available online at
As you suggested I did check with the grounds staff at the Hasley Crawford Stadium and they indicated that there was no damage to either the field or the running track from those heavy vehicles because of the Portafloor.

Hope this provides some clarification on the “magic carpet”."

And here's our response:
"Thanks very much Mr Edwards for clearing that up, and we hope you don't think we were trying to be facetious.
But we, and all the other viewers you were speaking to, were not privy to that information as you were hosting the programme this morning. Maybe next time you could make such pertinent information available (leaving out the names of relevant companies so as not to provide free advertising) to the viewers, so there's no room for doubt."