Friday, March 28, 2008


Poor Reverend Clive Abdulah.
He probably gave a pretty good speech at Thursday's service for lodge members, but we didn't hear much of it.
The C News cameraman did not get good audio. So in the end all we heard on the midday news was a very loud siren over parts of Rev. Abdulah's speech. Then the atmospheric sound was so loud that we saw his lips moving, but heard very little of what he said.
And to top it off, he was introduced on the screen as 'Reverand Clive Abdulah'. Tsk tsk.
The event took place Thursday morning. Was it so earth shattering that you had to use it at midday on Friday?

And TV6, why are you using a soundbite in your Friday midday newscast from Public Administration Minister Kennedy Swaratsingh from the post-cabinet news briefing that was held on Thursday, and which was broadcast live on NCC4 and CNMG?

Anyway, nice to see Bobbi Jeffrey-Hicks reading your midday newscast.
Bobbi you seem a bit stiff; relax, you are doing well.
We can just envision and anticipate your move to the main newscast at 7pm.