Sunday, March 16, 2008


The Sunday 7pm News on CNMG and TV6 should have been called "Yesterday's News".
CNMG ran two stories on events which took place on Saturday...The Consumer Affairs event at Trincity Mall (story by Golda Lee), and the protest by residents at Acono Road, Maracas, St Joseph (story by Desha Rambhajan).
And TV6 ran a story by Sharmilla Persad from yesterday's PNM General Council Meeting.
All those events took place during daylight hours on Saturday.
Why weren't they used on the same day, and what was so earth-shattering about them that they had to be used more than 24 hours later?

At one point Nicola Barriteau of C News said "The community are...", and Diane Baldeo said "In a break in tradition...". It's usually "A break with tradition ..." or "A break from tradition...".