Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well we guess you've all seen the email that's been circulating about the unveiling of the blog for, what, the 4th time now?
The part that amuses us the most this time is the copy of the conversation that allegedly took place between us the blogger, alias Colleen Stuart/Holder and Charlene Stuart.
We probably would have remembered that or had a copy of it ourselves, but maybe we now have to check with Miss Khan for a copy, since she's been circulating it.
Clearly someone is out to destroy the reputation of these two young ladies.
Well ladies, all we can say is we're sorry to hear about your woes.

Now onto the business of news....Carolyn Kissoon of the Express South Bureau has a well-written story on the effect the price of steel is having on people building homes (
This is how you give your story a personal twist before going into the hard facts. Reporters take note.
Kudos Carolyn.