Friday, March 28, 2008


The Newsday's Clint Chan Tack has a very strong first paragraph for his lead story on government's acquisition of the Hilton Tobago.
(,75830.html). His story is titled 'Govt buys Tobago Hilton'.
"GOVERNMENT yesterday announced that it will buy out the stakes held by private sector investors in the $214 million (US$34 million) Tobago Hilton to prevent the Tobago economy from collapse."

Compare that with Express reporter Juhel Browne's first paragraph; his story is titled 'Govt injects $45m in Hilton fix the roof'.
"Hilton Tobago, the largest and one of the newer hotels in Tobago, is in need of urgent repairs and government has agreed to immediately inject $45 million to fix the roof."

And here's the take of the Guardian's Siewdath Persad, who tried to grill Trade Minister Dr Keith Rowley on the issue during Thursday's post-cabinet news conference.
His story is titled 'Hilton Tobago to get $45m facelift' (
"Eight years after its gala opening, the Hilton Tobago has deteriorated to such an extent that it needs a significant injection of state funds to save it from further decay."