Thursday, April 30, 2009


During the 4pm news on I95 FM on Wednesday April 29th, Marlan Hopkinson introduced a story from the BBC on the preparation for the third stage of the five-phase voting process in India.
He introduced the reporter as what sounded like "Karisha Vidarie", but when the report began, we immediately recognized that the reporter was in fact Karishma Vaswani, and that her report was specifically tailored to a television audience.

16 seconds into the report, she says "As you can see, people here live on top of one another...". Well we were listening to the radio, so we couldn't see. Just that one phrase did it for us.

Marlan we can't blame you since you were probably just reading the script that was presented to you (and we hope you will correct us if you did in fact pull that clip), so we will have to throw the blame on whoever recorded that clip, whether off the BBC's website or off the television. You could have edited out that part about seeing the people.
All your listeners probably let out a collective Steups!