Thursday, April 30, 2009


We don't usually comment on the nature of stories outside of the journalistic side, but this one caught our eyes and we just had to comment.

The Newsday of Thursday April 30th has a photo of two members of the Under 17 national football team hoofing it to the Priority Bus Route after they were released from quarantine at Jack Warner's hotel in Macoya.

So, on top of losing their three matches in Mexico and failing to qualify for the World Championships in Nigeria, as well as fearing they might contract swine flu in Mexico and being quarantined on their return to Trinidad, those boys had to put their bags on their heads and find public transport (according to the write up by Roger Jacob) to get home after representing their country on the international stage? Steups!
Mr Warner, that not good enough!

In the Newsday story written by Carol Matroo, we are told "CONCACAF president Jack Warner yesterday said the youngsters and the technical team were being well taken care of." Well medically yes, but nothing else apparently. So none of the technical staff found it fit to arrange transport for these guys to get home? Steups!

Mr Warner, hopefully your communications people will advise you that actions speak louder than words.