Monday, April 20, 2009


WIN TV's Gideon Hanoomansingh's story on cocoa has made it to the CNN World Report, and the story is also running on their website.
Good on you Gideon. Not bad for a station that is almost defunct.

Your story seemed a little short though, and there were too many soundbites. It seemed as if you were trying to get in every point of view, and especially the technocrats. You said there are approximately 2000 cocoa farms in Trinidad, most of them small holdings, yet we found it strange that you did not interview at least one farmer to get his perspective of how the local cocoa industry is being affected by the world economic crisis.

Contrast Gideon's story to the one done by James Heer in Sao Tome. He told the story from the perspective of one farmer whose livelihood depends on cocoa, then he linked it to the economy of the country. Fantastic video work.