Monday, April 20, 2009


Here's an updated response from Denzil.

"Ok. Well that last post I had was a bit premature in the summit coverage. While most of it remains true, I have reassigned the positions on best summit coverage. C keeps their position in first place for THE BEST coverage of the summit. TV6 now stands at second place and CNC3 at third place. Why you may ask? The reason being that C News and the TV6 news both aired specials last night to wrap up their coverage of the VSOAs. C's summit wrap was anchored by Josanne Leonard (formerly of Gayelle, TV6 and CNC3) and TV6's summit wrap, by Leeron Brummel and Andy Johnson.

"Mr. Brummel did an excellent job anchoring the news section of their post summit analysis summarizing the events of the past three days. This young man has potential of becoming another anchorman like his colleague Fabian Pierre. CNC3, where was your post (summit) analysis??? Tonight on the Big Story?????

"Oh by the way, TV6 has relaunched their website, It's actually competition for C's website. TV6 can now be viewed online live and the day's big stories are posted so viewers can click on them to watch at any time of the day. So you guys can check it out if you wish."


Finally TV6 has a website that actually works. Of course this is the beta version, so they are still probably trying to work out the kinks.