Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here's a response to dh/Trini.

"Trini this is one time I could not agree with you, Dominic Kalipersad did the right thing by instructing Fabian to do that story (which it appears Dominic wrote himself).

"It is clear that the PNM has its claws deep into the CNC newsroom, maybe a strategy for countering TV6's Sasha Mohammed's UNC exclusives. But this is no reason for a Government to send out exclusive releases, or to pick and choose. The Government is not a privately owned company; what the opposition can get away with they can't---even though they are both public property. Kudos to TV6 for exposing that ridiculous action by the Government and Dominic do stay on top of their case.

"And there is nothing wrong with a media house complaining about rejected or turned down requests by the Prime Minister for an interview. After all didn't the PM say he does not give exclusives? So did he catch the Obama syndrome too? In that case, that's a good thing and we hope his next exclusive on another issue will be with another media house. That's the intelligent way in which US President Barack Obama does it. If all the exclusives are done on one medium then this will become suspect.

"So Rosemarie did you make a pact with the PNM for exclusives? Can you tell us what it is?

"Some things in life become very obvious...

"Your Observant