Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here's a comment on Miss Dass' interview with the PM, from John M.

"1) It appears that Shelly Dass was caught a bit off guard - and not in a position to handle the PM in a face to face - who could blame her - a quick check reveals that this interview was the first since his resumption of PM duties in 2001; Also, quite coincidentally a few of the only negative calls were accidentally cut off - I smell a 'soft ball rat'...

"2) It appears that the PM got 'Obamaized' - possibly he figured if the leader of 300 million folks (a good portion of whom despise him) and a world powerhouse could subject himself to all daily interviews - who is he?

"3) A sharp eye did not Miss the PM and the Managing Director of the Guardian 22-04-09 taking a picture "GREETINGS" PG. A4 - ......Hmmmmmm......smell a soft ball for the Exclusive."