Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here's a comment on what we originally said was sour grapes by TV6, but has been expanded by dh to include other media houses.

"Isn't TV6's obsession with CNC3's "exclusives" with the prime minister a bit petty? Fabian Pierre and Dominic Kalipersad dedicated an entire story to CNC's exclusives with Manning, whining that Manning never responded to their letters, and then crying that they weren't invited to the prime minister's breakfast meeting. Hilarious. TV6, did it ever occur to you to pick up the phone and call the day before the breakfast meeting to find out what was taking place, and if you could get access to the event? You all must have known it was going to take place? Lazy really.

"In any event, you don't hear CNC3 complaining about all Sasha Mohammed's "exclusive interviews" with the UNC or Tim Gopeesingh, do you? More than that though, no one has any right, in any station to pick sides, or point fingers, and pretend to be self-righteous or "independent". CNC3's Francesca Hawkins, didn't she work "closely" as well with the UNC and the minister of Energy with the UNC? And isn't TV6's former head of news Maxie Cuffie now working for the PNM Gov't? Aren't Rose and Roger good friends with Jack Warner? And wasn't Shelly friends with Howard Chin Lee? And didn't Shelly, Roger and his boss/wife Mrs Rosemarie Sant all come from TV6 in the first place?
No one can point fingers. It's all incestuous or in-breeding.

"By the way, seeing more of Gizelle "Y2K" Legall on CNC3. Is she gradually being phased on? Replacement for Francesca? Francesca has been a reader since God was a baby. Gizelle's advantage is that she seems to be some kind of reporter, doing stories for news. Francesca, hope they give you a good retirement package after all those years reading. How come you never went deeper, or became a credible reporter? Gizelle, do something about that hair. This is not Y2K, or BET, or MTV. Keep trying though. One day you'll get there. Gerard Lampow (of TV6), you are hilarious. Aren't you the play whe fella? Or Lotto? This "amazing mumford" look has got to go! A for effort though.

"Trini..watching it all on the web!
"*PS, CNC3 your website, or lack thereof, SUCKS. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP."