Friday, November 30, 2007


According to Joel Villafana, many of the staff members in the TV6 newsroom began screaming when the 7.3 (7.4 according to the BBC) quake struck on Thursday afternoon. Hope they are alright now.

So TV6 why start with how everyone else in the region reacted to the quake rather than how your people did? We endured Cherise D'Abadie's 4 minute telephone interview minus any video with someone in Barbados, then Samantha John spoke with the owner of an inn in Montserrat for just about one minute. After the woman answered two questions, then that was it. So why go live to her? Why not just call up several different people around the region and string the interviews together so we get a wider picture of what happened in the region?
Well after that they went to Marcia Hope's story. At least she had some video of the concrete that fell off the twin towers.

But CNC 3's other Marcia (Braveboy) went inside The Falls at West Mall. She said she was not allowed to go inside the neighbouring Hilo supermarket to "check for damages". Someone has taken the supermarket owners to court?
And Marcia you need make up; even some face powder to take off the shine, nothing fancy, but you must look presentable. And you did two stand ups for the earthquake a stand up for some other story so you gave us three opportunities to see your shiny, unmade up face. Then the morning crew decided to run your earthquake package about three times! Why?

CNC had a one on one interview with the head of the Seismic Research Unit at UWI. But TV6 pulled a sound bite from the same man from the CMC feed which was a telephone interview, and again no cover video. At first Media Watch thought the man was being interviewed in Barbados, but then we remembered that the Seismic Research Unit is in St Augustine.