Thursday, November 29, 2007


Camini Marajh of the Express is riding high once again with this latest controversy surrounding the prime minister's appointee to the finance ministry, Mariano Browne.
Camini stirred the political waters on Sunday with her front page story that Mr Browne was involved in a legal battle with his former bosses in Barbados. Clearly this cast a shadow over Mr Browne's appointment and suitability for the finance ministry job, with allegations of "financial impropriety".

But in a full page ad in the daily newspapers today, Mr Browne says the allegations are "baseless and of no merit". According to a report on the ad in today's Express, "Browne added that he made the first legal move and on December 30, 2003, obtained an injunction to prevent the sale to RBTT.... He said in September 2004, a counter suit was filed by CLICO/RBTT...".
Puts a different spin on things, don't you think? Camini that bit of information would have been easy to dig up, if it's true.