Thursday, November 29, 2007


The PM is back in the country. It's the lead story at 7pm Wednesday, but from different angles.

Right off the bat, CNC 3 says the PM is sticking with his pick in Mariano Browne and he will be sworn in next week.
CNMG goes with the oil and gas angle, with a looong and boring piece from Curtis Williams, touching on the BG issue. It could have worked as a feature lower down in the newscast, but not as the main story. The Mariano Browne piece came much later, 7:10.
While TV6's story began with the time the PM's flight arrived, maybe what he had for dinner on the plane, how long he took to get to the VIP lounge! You get the drift? The first minute of that story said absolutely nothing! Then finally they said he was concerned about crime. The Mariano Browne piece was the very last sound bite used.

In CNMG's headlines, Golda Lee said the Venezuelan leader was threatening to sue C-C-N for an inaccurate headline. But the graphic up on the screen at the time read C-N-N. No correction from Golda or Julian. Later in the Caribbean section of the newscast, she correctly said Hugo Chavez had a problem with C-N-N.
Psst, how come TV6's Shabaka Kambon of Latin America Today miss that story?

Then in the headlines as well, Julian said four men who posed as students were caught and Charlene Ramdhanie caught the whole thing on tape. Translated: sit on the edge of your seat, the story is not coming up now. So we did, and were disappointed.
The footage showed what looked like students going into the school, some security guards walking about the compound, a gray van driving out of the compound packed with several people in the back seat and the tray (the shot was used twice). But we waited to see the men being chased or getting caught or even getting roughed up by the police. Nothing. Were those even the men in the van?

Otto Carrington of CNC 3 you haven't been to the voice doctor yet have you? Clearly, because the men in gray are suddenly "pole-leese men".
And Sherwin Long of CNMG, since when is a "VO/stand up" a package?