Thursday, November 29, 2007


The Guardian's Carol Matroo tries her hand at delving into the short and troubled life of Lorenzo Harridath, who was poisoned by his father last week.
She reports that his father's relatives say "...Harridath was schizophrenic and had a split personality.", and that doctors at St. Ann's hospital "...find out that he wasn’t taking his tablets, so the doctor used to come and give him injections."

She also reports that his father's family did not know Lorenzo was staying with his father until after his death, only that "After Anna (Lorenzo's mother) was killed, one of her sisters took him in...Then he went by another sister in Arima,".

OK Carol. But you've still left your readers with some vital questions.
Are you or any of your colleagues going to try to find those two sisters and ask them why Lorenzo was allowed to stay with his father?