Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Richard Charan's story in the Express of the young woman who was kidnapped and either rescued by police or escaped has an interesting twist.
Seems her husband is a student of Houdini.
"Baksh said duct tape was wrapped around his eyes and mouth and his hands tied to his feet behind his back...
Baksh said he tore off the duct tape and began searching for his wife, thinking she was tied up in another room. It was then he realised she had been taken."

And again here's where the story differs. Richard's story says police received a tip off that Josanne Sammy was seen in Enterprise, and they went to the area and "found" her. While the Newsday's Stacy Moore and Nalinee Seelal say she was rescued.
"According to reports, at 6.50 pm, officers intercepted a car at Freedom Street, Cunupia and rescued Sammy."

While the Guardian's Radhica Sookraj says the young woman escaped from her kidnappers, and she was later found by the police.