Monday, November 26, 2007


Here's what the Guardian says about Lorenzo Harridath.
"Lorenzo was sent to stay with a relative in Arima. He called his sister, Nerissa Sookoo, to complain he was being ill-treated.
Last week, Sookoo took Lorenzo to live with her, but her husband complained their home was not big enough for all of them.
Lorenzo called his father to take him. He told his father no one wanted him."
How do you know he told his father that? And did you ask the person whom we are assuming overheard this conversation, what they did to reassure Lorenzo that he was wanted?
This STEUPS! is for all the reporters who tackled this story and left so many holes, and for their editors who did not ask for certain questions to be answered.
Where is our responsibility as journalists? Just to report the facts, muddled as they are most times??