Sunday, November 25, 2007


Overall the Saturday night news was very palatable. Not much to complain about. But bear with us, there were a few things of note.
Mark Bassant of C News, you are coming along well in your news presentation. Keep pressing on. But please ask your director to drop the pedestal on your camera. For some reason you always seem to be looking up at your audience, or is it that you are slouching too much?

Natalie Chrysostom of TV6 you are also doing well. Just pick up the pace a little when you voice your stories.

CNC 3 and CNMG, poor video on that TTUTA story. Even if they handed you that tape, say thanks but no thanks. And Otto Carrington bad audio mix on that Opus Dei story. Astil Renn, "Those gathered was a reflection..."? (from the funeral story).

And last, but by no means least, we have TV6's Samantha John.
She said former Commonwealth Secretary General Don McKinnon is a New "Zee-land-er".