Friday, January 25, 2008


OK Rosemarie Sant at CNC 3, so you wanted to include Shelly and Odeka in reading the lead in to your lead story, but oh gosh why did it have to be so long??

Anyway, we really think your handling of the dengue issue was much more balanced than everyone else's.
Rosemarie's story centred on the Health Minister's pronouncements on how the issue is being handled by the government.
Then Nadalene Singh came in with a story from the Chief Medical Officer saying he's not surprised about the matter since the men were living in some shady conditions, then Kimberly Mackhan's story focused on Calder Hart rebutting allegations that the Chinese men live in poor conditions. (One of the paragraphs in the lead in was unfortunately repeated in the first paragraph of the package.)

TV6's story on the other hand (Sasha Mohammed's report) dealt specifically with the opposition and Dr Tim Gopeesingh in particular bashing the government over the handling of the issue.

CNMG also led with the dengue story, but focused mainly on the conditions under which the men are living.