Friday, January 25, 2008


Kristy Ramnarine of TV6, our suggestions seem to be falling on deaf ears.
Cherise tossed to you outside a mas camp, and while you introduced your guest Mr George, you should have thought of some more interesting questions for him rather than, "So why are you giving away a car?"
And once again we could not see the face of your interviewee because the camera was high above both of your heads and the lights were so bright that he decided he should show us the back of his bald head instead of the front.
You just needed to gently turn him to face the camera, and next time ask your director to make sure the camera is the right height.

Then you ended by saying "Thank you Cherise I'm Kristy Ramnarine."
Yes we know, but what if we tuned in late and did not get the name of your interviewee or what you were speaking about?

And then we had Joanne Briggs over at C News. Naette Lee tossed to her at a calypso tent.
She said "We are here at the Ambassador Club. We are here at the Ambassador Club. We are here at the Calypso Icons tent and as you can see and hear, it's about the icons."
We couldn't see anything except three men standing next to her, and we couldn't hear anything but her voice as there was a lull in entertainment at the tent.
Well Joanne, the men were standing on either side of you so you were looking from side to side in quick succession, and all you needed at that point was to hitch up your skirt and grab a tennis racket and you would have been well suited for the finals of the Australian Open.
And why were you so casually dressed?

AND.....just like Kristy, at the end of your interview, you did not even tell your viewers who may have missed the beginning of the interview who you were speaking with or where you were reporting from. You just tossed back to the studio.