Saturday, January 26, 2008


OK IETV, so you decided to show us those unedited photos of the people who were killed in Guyana.
Melissa Williams said your station felt compelled to show them because of the brutality of the incident and that some of the images were disturbing.
Your entire story was based on those photos, but there was no way to cover the rest of the spoke about residents burning tyres and causing a pile up of traffic...we did not see any of that.
What we did see were file shots of people walking in the market and along a street.

You spoke of the President of Guyana getting caught in the traffic pile up and having to "foot it" into the village to see the massacre for himself. Well again we did not see any of that. Once again we saw file shots of people walking along the street very calmly, as well as file shots of army officers standing around in the street.
Why not just write to the pictures you have and do the rest on camera?