Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Finally someone who looks and sounds like they know what to do when they are live at a Carnival event!
Sandra Maharaj was live on C News during the 9pm newscast at the King and Queen of Carnival semis at the QPS.
She was cool, calm and collected, she knew what to say when the cameraman was on her. She said "Let's take a look at what's happening on stage" and the cameraman panned to the stage then went back to her.
No strange facial expressions, no tripping over herself with too many or too little details.
Sounds like someone did some planning and coordination with their cameraman.
Kudos Sandra.

The only problem we had with your interview, and this was certainly not your fault, was that the spotlight on you was soooo bright that you almost looked like a ghost.

Well you have just a few days to pull some of your errant colleagues aside and give them some pointers before the real test comes on Monday and Tuesday.
We'll be watching.