Sunday, January 27, 2008


The "massacre" of eleven people from three villages in Guyana was lead material on TV6, CNC 3 and IETV on Saturday.
But Sunday night only IE and CNC 3 decided to give us an update at all, and at the top of their newscasts. IE had video from a protest as well as video from one of the homes, while CNC had video from the BBC which was used on Saturday night.
The main update was that President Bharrat Jagdeo spent more than an hour today meeting with residents of the three villages that had been terrorised.

TV6 on the other hand led with the country's latest murder, this time a music vendor in Port of Spain. Fabian Pierre says the murder toll is 36, but CNC 3 had the murder as their second news item, and Francesca Hawkins said the murder toll is now 45.
Who is correct?

CNMG led with reigning calypso monarch Cro Cro threatening to pull out of the Dimanche Gras competition. They were the only station with that story.