Monday, September 15, 2008


Yuh know, when we first saw that front page splash in the Express, one of the first things that struck us was that we hoped Ria Taitt and Juhel Browne actually saw the documents Mr Maharaj was referring to, following his accusations against Mr Imbert.
(We won't add a link to the story here for fear of repeating the libel and attracting a lawsuit).
But we will add a few lines from the contentious story: "Attempts to get a response from Imbert yesterday (Saturday) were unsuccessful. (Probably because he was consulting his lawyer all day long.)
In a telephone interview yesterday (Saturday), Maharaj said...he had all the documentary evidence to prove his allegation."

Did Miss Taitt or Mr Browne actually see the documents for themselves before going to print? Did they ask Mr Maharaj to supply them with copies, just to be on the safe side?

And if you still don't know what we are referring to, we'll spell it out: Colm Imbert is suing the Express for printing allegations made against him (under Parliamentary Privilege) by Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj during debate on the motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister.
The debate ended at close to 2am on Saturday so we are guessing one or both of the reporters were the only ones left in the media gallery and exulted that they had a scoop.
Feel free to correct us if we are wrong, and we promise to publish the corrected version.