Friday, September 12, 2008


C News, your 7pm newscast was the first time we were hearing the speech Prime Minister Patrick Manning made in Woodford Square this afternoon. Unfortunately Sandra Maharaj had no choice but to use the soundbites with the really, really poor audio.
What was the problem in recording that event? Didn't you know it was going to happen? Did your crew get there early enough to set up?
Was your cameraman wearing headphones while recording the speech? Did you have a mic on the stage?
It was really painful to listen to.

And whose idea was it to go live to Golda Lee at Woodford Square during the newscast? The most she was able to tell us was that the cleaners were working really hard to get the place back in order, and she basically recapped what Miss Maharaj already told us in her report.

BTW, who is the stylist for your weatherman Ean Wallace? Steve Erkel? Tonight he sported a bright orange shirt with a bright red tie. Why?
Does the producer of the show have no say in what all the presenters on his/her show wear?

And Naette it's Svetlana Kuznetsova, not Kustenova!