Saturday, September 6, 2008


The responses keep coming in.

"Dear MW,

"Just a few words of advice for CJ/SN/SM or whoever ...

"CJ opens his weak salvo by saying: "I find "Friend of the Media's" concerns to be blatantly bias and is (a) clear sign of jealousy (perhaps another media personnel)."

"The word should be "biased" not "bias". The word "personnel" is always used in the plural. To speak of "a" or "another" media personnel is to be illiterate.

"CJ's response to me could well have been written by Samuel, Sampson or Astil and read aloud on CNC3 without comment from the big-pay bosses there.

"Also note that nowhere did I try to bring Astil down to the level of McKnight or Nanton. Those guys are an embarrassment! Astil tries his best. There are a few other characters over at TV6 and "C" who need to be dealt with. But all of that in due course.

"Where is Undine Guiseppi when you need her?"

"A True Friend of the Media"