Thursday, September 25, 2008


Noooooo Naette Lee. No.
Why did you decide to wear a suit to read the 7pm and 9pm news on C?
Your station's main newscast is not the place to play dress up games!
"Oh, someone loaned me a man's suit and thought it would look good. I'll give it a try at 7 o'clock."
Well if your goal was to appeal to or help increase the station's homosexual viewership, then kudos, you did a very good job in looking like an attractive man with big earrings.
And if you insist on wearing a suit (dark green[?] with a light blue tie) then at least wear a colour that complements your skin tone.
The entire look was just wrong.
Please leave the suits to Robert and Ean.
And we really don't want to believe that your producer had nothing to say about that suit.