Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here is how the daily newspapers dealt with the public rally for the Olympic silver medallists.

The Express story by Anna Ramdass was titled 'Gold Next Time: Thompson Dreams of 2012 London Olympics', but nowhere in the story is there any reference to Richard Thompson making such a statement.
Neither is there any mention of the Prime Minister's comment about the speed of the medallists mimicking that of bandits escaping from the police.

The Newsday's Sean Douglas' story was titled '$4M men', but should really have been given the title from Anna Ramdass' story, since he had the missing quote from Richard Thompson: "“We look forward to next year, 2009, at the world championship games and we hope to change those two silver medals into gold medals. More importantly, London 2012 Olympics we plan to be the dominant force like Jamaica was this year.”"

And here is Richard Lord's take on the story in the Guardian: 'Olympic heroes out to turn silver into gold', complete with the correct information: "He added that the T&T team hoped to turn the Olympic silver medals into gold at the Caribbean Games next year, and to be the dominant team in the London Olympics in 2012.".
No mention of the police and bandit comment from the PM.
However the photo looks staged. Look at his mom's face.
Richard's parents were with him in Beijing, so they had about two weeks to admire those medals without the glare of the media before arriving in Trinidad.