Saturday, September 6, 2008


Here's another response to the comment on CNC 3.

"So somebody thinks that Samuel McKnight cannot even pass the SEA exams...? Hmmmm... Well CJ while I agree with you on some points, I disagree with you (on) others. I think "friends of the media" (geesh what a long name) was a bit harsh on Samuel, but you cannot blame anyone for having a problem with Samuel's delivery.

"However, to say he won't even pass the SEA is ludicrous because he certainly stays on top of the issues around him. Samuel is a brilliant news gatherer as you rightly pointed out "CJ" but his continued poor delivery of his brilliant story ideas is a sign that CNC3 is not doing what it has to do to beef up the talent of its reporters. Why should Samuel sound the same way months later since he started voicing? That would be any body's gripe and Rosemarie Sant really should do something about it.

"And "CJ" why do you always take things so personally, why would someone be jealous of CNC3? Come on.

"As for Sampson Nanton, I think "friends of the media" was a bit harsh on him as is true he does one of the better stand ups, but in an evolving world a great style could become obsolete. (I'm not speaking of his stand ups here)...But Sampson does sound the exact same way he did since he started voicing. That's been how many years now? Still sounding staccato, and like Alicia Nurse, way too soft and lacking dynamism. Needless to say he is in fact one of the better journalists around. But that is our opinion, you can't fault someone else for not thinking the same "CJ". There are people out there who really ain't that impressed with Sampson.

"There are people in the US who are not impressed with Anderson Cooper, does that mean he is not good, or does that mean he is good? There are people in England who think Tim Sebastian is no good, but isn't he in fact one of the best interviewers media has ever seen? So you see "CJ" it does not have to come down to petty criticisms of jealousies and envy...get with it. People have choices, and they are entitled to make their own such choices.

"All in all, CNC3 does have one of the better news products in town, but bear in mind "CJ" that one silly mistake or one bad delivery style could in fact ruin an entire newscast. People flick the channel instantly. (Ask the bloggers, they have raised this issue before). There are a lot of people who do not follow CNC3 news --- good as it is, because they do not like to hear Samuel and Otto Carrington. No matter how good their stories might be. That is unfortunate, but that is their choice.

"Please give Astil a break. He knows the issues, and never misses a journalistic opportunity. Of course that does not mean he should not work on those weaknesses."