Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This reader tries to unravel the PM's parable.

"I am under much strain to point out this puzzle in the media.

"At the welcoming ceremony for this country's athletes on Monday evening at the Piarco International Airport, Prime Minister Patrick Manning made a huge boo boo.

"He said "these fellas could run fast, they too young to be running so fast, they running like bandits running from the police"...and not one of the major news houses saw it fit to take the story from that angle.

"Is it because there are too many junior reporters in the major news rooms in this country covering major assignments? Or is it because the heads of news in these major Television Stations have become political puppets? what is it?

"How could everybody miss the story? STEWPS!!!!

"And you know the dotish MC came on after Manning's impossible speech and spouted "Richard boy you are the million dollar man, get security". Stupes!

"I want to see what the News Papers will do with that statement on Tuesday, because it is not news that the athletes got millions, so did the Soca Warriors, this is not a first.

"Where journalists fail the talk show hosts step in, somebody wanna bet me Anil Roberts on Power 102FM won't miss that issue on his Monday evening show? What about the Dale and Tony show, somebody wanna bet?

"You bunch a jokers for journalists and Head of News, leave the talk show hosts alone, they pick up where you fail."