Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Here's another comment on this issue.

"Why am I not surprised that the three daily news papers did not see it fit to refer to Prime Minister Patrick Manning's controversial "running like thieves running from the police comment" to describe how fast the Olympic athletes ran in Beijing.

"What is this a pro PNM media? Or is it that the goodly journalists got carried away in the moment that they too didn't catch on to a good sound bite or quote?

"I see that is happening a lot these days, it must be the influx of novices taking effect...hmmmm.

"Well it was talked about on the Dale and Tony show on i95 on Tuesday morning, and the sound bite was played over, so I was able to get the exact quote of "thieves, (not bandits) running from the police" which sounds more common and worse.

"Anil Roberts on Power 102FM also went to town on Manning for the comment on Tuesday evening on his talk show programme, and it was talked about in media circles, so why the reporters on hand did not see the need to write on it, or why did the Heads of News see the need to eliminate it from the script? Maybe that's what happened.

"The PNM can't brainwash all these reporters, but they can the Heads of News. I hope the Mirror do their part and not let this foolish analogy make any escape."


And all this before the US media jumped on Barack Obama for his 'lipstick on a pig' comment.