Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Here's a comment specifically for the bosses at CNC 3, who can address the issue of their charges.

"Dear MW,

"I have been following your occasional comments about the poor performance of Astil Renn and Samuel McKnight of CNC3. The criticisms are all perfectly valid, except that you seem to be overly sympathetic to the fact that these two gentlemen do not have a clue about writing news and the proper use of the English language. It is true that McKnight is probably functionally illiterate and saved only by the fact that he has been in the business for some years and has some news contacts. That apart, he would not pass the SEA.

"There might be hope for Astil Renn, but not on the air. Roger Sant still says 'Wast Indies', but he knows something about the English language.

"The other character is Sampson Nanton. How in heaven's name has this clown earned recognition as a journalist? He is no better than McKnight in his fundamental ignorance of the use of the English language and very regularly writes/reports on subjects about which he has not a clue.

"For example, did you see his report on Manning's trip to Jamaica and other Caricom countries? He reports, in summary, that Jamaica did not enter the Federation because of a referendum there. The fact is that Jamaica was a part of the West Indies Federation, like Trinidad and Tobago, between 1958 and 1962. The island WITHDREW from the federation as a result of the referendum (not 'refarandom'). Good God. I can find scores of other similar examples of this guy's ignorance.

"Why does Rosemarie Sant assign this character anything serious? Why isn't he sitting in parliament or the court learning about who, what, when and why?

"Come on Sabga, Kissoon et al. Come on!!!"

"A Friend of the Media"