Monday, September 15, 2008


The Guardian's Tuesday edition has two sides of the story of the man who set his 'wife' on fire on Sunday evening, then was apparently knocked down and killed as he tried to escape.

Geisha Kowlessar tells us about the "Man found dead after burning Valencia home", and her colleague Camille Clarke interviews the woman's mother and sister who were also injured for her story titled "Jilted lover runs amok over food, then kills self".

While Gyasi Gonzales of the Express tells us "Man sets wife, in-law on fire".

Mr Gonzales says the incident took place at "Pineapple Road" while Miss Kowlessar tells us it took place at "Alexander Street".

Both Guardian stories detail injuries to the three women and two small children who were also in the house, but there is no mention of a third woman or children in Mr Gonzales' story.
Miss Clarke and Miss Kowlessar refer to the man as "Jamel Sebastian", while Mr Gonzales refers to him as "Jimell Sebastian".

Miss Kowlessar tells us "His body was discovered later, lying on the side of the road...Police said they received information...that Sebastian threw himself in front of the car. They suspect that he committed suicide."
But Mr Gonzales tells us "Sebastian managed to reach a nearby bridge not far from his home when he was hit by a car. It is believed that one or two other cars then ran over him. A passing motorist took the young man, then still alive, to the Sangre Grande Hospital, where he died around 12 midnight."
How could the two reports differ so fundamentally?
It's either his body was found at the side of the road, already dead, or he was taken to the hospital (dead or alive).
Which is it?