Saturday, September 6, 2008


CJ has a response for 'Friend of the Media' on the issue of CNC 3's reporters/presenters.


"I hold no brief for anyone in the media but I find some of the comments lately to be bordering on insane. I am an ardent viewer of CNC3, which I find carries the most appropriate newscast followed closely by IETV, then TV6, Gayelle and CNMG in that order. I find "Friend of the Media's" concerns to be blatantly bias and is clear sign of jealousy (perhaps another media personnel).

"While Samuel McKnight may have problems with his voicing of stories (and I totally agree that the seniors at CNC3 must take serious note of the continuous complaints), one must not see his weaknesses in one area as a loss on the whole. From what I have gathered, he has been in the media for quite some time and while he may have his problems pronouncing words correctly, judging from the substance of his stories, he seems to be a good news gatherer (not presenter). To launch a personal attack to say that he could not pass the SEA is unfortunate and shameful. The same can be said about Astil Renn, who, after Roger Sant, is the sports reporter with the longer service in broadcast journalism (let's not forget he started off in radio before moving to TV6 and subsequently CNC3). Again, to denounce him as not having a clue about writing news is again totally inaccurate and bias.

"I was totally convinced that "Friend of the Media" has no clue of what she is talking about when she touched on Sampson Nanton. Clearly "Friend of the Media" needs to go back to the drawing board and not assume that Sampson's recent unfortunate events equates in anyway to him being unlearnt or unskilled in his field. In fact I might go so far to say that there are few scripts I have heard that are as thorough and factual as his, well-written and concise. Indeed it was Sampson's first story on the integration, which his cheeky mix of Sparrow's "Federation" that pointed to what was actually taking place at the prime minister's residence, another federation in the making. I stand corrected but at no time in that report or in subsequent reports on the issue (which I have been closely following) have I ever heard him say that Jamaica did not enter the federation. I distinctly remember hearing a clip of Sparrow's "Federation" which referenced that Jamaica pulled out of the Federation leading Eric Williams to say, "one from ten leaves nought".

"While I too can identify faults in Sampson's reporting, I actually regard him as one of the best reporters in local television, if not the best with exceptional stand-ups, creative scripts and a clear understanding of several areas from politics to business to culture.

"But there's another aspect to all this. I'm a strong believer that when someone seems to be affected this much by someone (i.e Friend of the Media by Sampson, McKnight, Astil) it's reflective of some personal grouse by the one affected. Unfortunately and cowardly this is the only forum they could find to criticise these hard-working gentlemen. So this is my tribute to CNC3 and these three gentlemen. Yes, there are areas for improvement but keep on doing your thing until you get it right.
And a word of advice Friend of the Media, check your facts before you report -- Sampson could teach you that."