Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Jameela Constance of CNC 3, the phrases are 'neither...nor' or 'either...or'.
At 6am on Monday for your story on food prices, you said the coconut vendor was 'neither here or there'.
And you also said the woman whose husband was killed in a car crash heard the 'distraught news'. The news was upset?
The woman was distraught/upset, not the news.

Keisha David is back on Good Morning Port of Spain. We enjoyed the change in pace with Miss Manradge.

Hema Ramkissoon, we caught this one before you did: "Carlsen Field Highway strech claims another life". (And on Tuesday we saw "Cricket guru slam TT team").

On Monday, Andy Johnson ran part of the PM's news conference with the media last Thursday, saying there were questions over how the media handled the PM. But once again Andy, the parts you used reiterated our point, as well as that of Sean Douglas in the Sunday Newsday, that Ria Taitt and Tony Fraser seemed the only two with probing questions.
And BTW, when Wade Mark was on your show, how come you did not ask him whether there was, in his words, any "waste, extravagance and squandermania" under his watch in the UNC? Didn't Ramesh Maharaj, Trevor Sudama and Ralph Maraj get fired for the same reason as Dr Rowley (raising issues about corruption)? He denied it for road paving, but what about the airport?

CNC's technical people had some problems with the video. Hema and Keith were interviewing farmer Norris Deonarine, but they also tried to show him in a window while they showed some video of farming, but something went wrong somewhere.
And there was no bar at the bottom of the screen when the two video windows were up to tell viewers what the topic was. What if someone joined you during the interview?