Thursday, April 24, 2008


CNC 3's Shelly Dass had quotes but no soundbites from Dr Rowley in her report for the 7pm news. We did not see any shots of Dr Rowley on the back bench on any of the tv stations. Clearly they were made aware of the fact after he left.
Rosemarie Sant also had a story but hers dealt specifically with the letter from White Hall. The Guardian has pictures of Dr Rowley on the back bench, Rosemarie and Shelly. Don't you work for the same company?

TV6's Sasha Mohammed had the story from the parliament, including soundbites from MP's, but again no video of him. And again your sister paper the Express has pictures of Dr Rowley on the back bench; couldn't you have twisted someone's arm to get the shot for your story?
Producers probably now rue the fact that they depend so heavily on the Parliament Channel.
Then Keisha David had a separate story on Dr Rowley's career in politics. Good idea. And she also reported by telephone from Dr Rowley's constituency office before he delivered an address.

BTW, Odeka O'Neill, your makeup was flawless on Wednesday night. Your face and neck were the same colour, and the tight shot from the director was perfect. Thank you.
Now please talk to Sampson about the knot in his tie.