Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Ian Gooding has an interesting report on HCL's CEO and Managing Director Anthony Fifi's presentation at the Chamber of Commerce, titled 'Fifi knocks poor urban planning'.

Mr Fifi is quoted as saying "“Today, at the national level, we have a dysfunctional settlement pattern which has been permitted to evolve in the absence of any rational, meaningful and vibrant land use planning and growth strategy.”", and later, "“Alas, the interests of the community, of society is sacrificed for short term, individual profiteering,” he said."

Interesting he should make those points, but we wonder if anyone asked him afterward about those same issues in relation to HCL developments?
A couple of years ago there was severe flooding at an HCL development in east Trinidad and in one subsequent television news report, a resident whose home was completely flooded complained about huge cracks in the walls of his house even before the floods as well as poor drainage in the area.