Thursday, April 24, 2008


IETV's Melissa Williams took the lazy route on the Dr Keith Rowley story.
Why didn't you begin your story with the fact that the first sign of trouble was that he was not sitting in his usual seat in the parliament? Instead you went the route of quoting from the "terse" letter from White Hall, giving your viewers the impression that the first sign of trouble came when that letter was made public.

Were you or any one from your office even in the parliament? Where was your close up shot of Dr Rowley sitting on the back bench?
Throughout your story we saw file footage of Dr Rowley sitting next to the PM in parliament, as well as wide shots of the parliament chamber, so we weren't even sure where Dr Rowley was sitting.
The Express, Guardian and Newsday all have shots of Dr Rowley in his new seat.

Then after the sitting when the media was ganging up on the MP's outside the parliament, we saw the IETV mic flag, but the only person we heard asking questions was TV6's Sasha Mohammed, for both the 'interviews' with Colm Imbert and Rennie Dumas.

And your sister radio stations 97FM and 104FM featured an interview that Richard Lord did with Dr Rowley around 5:30pm. Why didn't you use soundbites from that interview for your story? You would have been the first tv station with soundbites; instead we had to wait until 9:45pm when TV6 ran live coverage of Dr Rowley's interview with the media.