Thursday, April 24, 2008


Here's a post on the firing of Dr Rowley from reader, P.H.

"I just wanted to commend Richard Lord for breaking the story on why Dr. Keith Rowley was fired.
I heard Richard interviewing Dr. Rowley on Music Radio 97FM which linked up with its sister station Ebony 104FM sometime close to 5:30on the evening of Wednesday April 23 - that was mere minutes after a media release from the Prime Minister's Office was sent out about Dr. Rowley's dismissal.

"Anil Roberts was on Power 102FM the said evening voicing his assumptions about why the Minister was relieved of his portfolio. He thought it was because he objected to Calder Hart and the overly ambitious construction drive of the controversial Company he Chairs over - UDECOTT.
That assumption turned out to be true, as was confirmed in the interview with Richard Lord.
Kudos Richard.

"But Rosemarie Sant over at CNC3 why did you not include Dr. Rowley's explanation for his dismissal in your package in your 9:30PM News Cast, why one of your lead presenters Shelly Dass had to do a separate package on Dr. Rowley's expulsion? Stupes!

"Anyway Kudos to Sasha Mohammed over at TV6 for giving us the full wrap in the 7:00PM News Cast.

"But Sasha did you write that script? It was so balanced, and I did notice Samantha John did not introduce you as the presenter of the package, like she did not know who was voicing the story either. Hmmmm"