Thursday, April 17, 2008


Here's a response to Attillah Springer on Gayelle from a reader, P.H.

"I must say how appalled I was by Attillah Springer's response to my concern about Gayelle's jumpy pictures.

"It is often said that you know someone by their writings, but sometimes some writers manage to give their readers the perception they want them to have of them. That proved true in Attillah's biting response to what I am sure would be a concern to many.

"Defending mediocrity at the Gayelle Attillah? Please get with the programme, I am certain most of your audience aren't hip and even if they are Attillah the jumpy stuff is not suited for your type of programme nor Marcia Henville's, nor most of your programming for that matter.

"On MTV or Tempo, those jumpy pictures are not the style of an entire programme, it is done in moderation and it is deliberate, and has its niche market, your twenty something year olds are inept and simply won't get it right because they have brilliant minds like yours to justify their classless hip style.

"Whose in charge here?
And Attillah there is a stark difference between young people working in a media house and being trained by such a media house and just learning as time go by, and that happens in every news media house including Gayelle as is very obvious. So it would seem that every medium are training young people for each other.

"What Audacity and Elitism
Knowing what is done in England and applying it in your line of work are two different things Attillah, so start doing and stop talking. If you follow the BBC so much then it's high time it is reflected in your efforts at the Gayelle and yes those young people there. Unless of course you want to appear to be superior to the rest.

"I will continue to read you, but you would do well to know Attillah that every Titanic has its Ice Berg awaiting it, if it refuses to go in the right direction. Keep on playing the Titanic and you sure to run into something really hard.

"You and Gayelle should take careful note of that so you can become the driving force in the market that you bragged about.
By far Gayelle is still the best for local content, but do take nothing for granted.

"Up your standards.
And yes indeed,
Walk Good."